Tamtam club and bar

SOPHIA VALDA / Head-barkeeper at the TAMTAM at Graz, Styria (AT)

“WESUAL is a great system for us, as it makes it really easy to present a wide variety of content within a short space of time.

We can inform our guests very unobtrusively and do not need to paper the venue full of posters. By using displays, we save space and time and spare ourselves having to print off posters for our numerous event announcements.

We like the whole system so much because it informs our guests at ease and comfortable. Due to the variety of content, they only take in what they are really interested in, and that works – our specials hit home superbly and we can push future events outstandingly.”

Deployment areas and applications

  • Event promotion
  • Product presentation & promotion of offers
  • Promotion of cocktail specials
  • PDF presentation
  • Digital drinks boards
  • Digital chalk boards
  • Digital posters
  • Links to Facebook and Instagram

Learn more about the TAMTAM project, including a video interview:

Products used

Digital chalkboard



Change any display into your perfect promotional medium.

Digital chalkboard



Your eye-catching customer stopper and information board for all areas of application.