Leading Family Hotel & Resort Dachsteinkönig

FLORIAN MAYER / General Manager at the Leading Family Hotel and Resort Dachsteinkönig at Gosau, Salzkammergut (AT)

“With the re-opening of the Dachsteinkönig, we naturally wanted to build in a forward-looking manner and respond to the needs of our target group.

The decision to use an innovative and interactive system like this in my company was one I made quickly. Interactive devices move with the times and inspire our guests. Our screens are not only a visual highlight but also automatically inform our guests of the most important and necessary information.

We promote all daily events for children and grown-ups. Since these rotate on a weekly basis, we only have to enter the setting once, and the rest is automatic: The time-controlled content feature will never again allow old or incorrect information to be published. I can thus be one hundred percent sure that all our content is up-to-date and accurate. Once all the information has been entered, it runs purely on its own and you don’t have to worry about a thing. That not only makes sense is but is really fun.”

Deployment areas and applications

  • Digital 24h concierge
  • Product presentation & promotion of offers
  • Customer stoppers for increased occupancy rates in the hotel restaurant
  • Welcome greetings
  • Video presentation
  • Own information channel for Hotel TV
  • In-house production of authentic food images for presenting menus, daily recommendations, etc.
  • Presentation of relevant excursion destinations
  • Programme specials internal to the hotel
  • Infotainment (Rss and weather feeds)
  • PDF presentation
  • Links to Facebook and Instagram
  • Digital menus and menu boards
  • Digital chalk boards and posters
  • Promotion of wine tasting and other in-house events
  • Innovative information platforms in highly frequented places: static and interactive

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Products used

Interactive 50″ screen