Winegrower Domaine Pöttelsdorf

SABINE SCHANDL / Marketing and Sales Manager at the WDP Winzer Domaine Pöttelsdorf GmbH in Burgenland (AT)

“Thanks to WESUAL, we now showcase everything digitally: upcoming events, holidays, packaging ideas and much more. We use screens directly at the POS and can thus inform our customers quickly, simply and cheaply about what is new. Images and videos appeal to customers in an emotional way, directing their gaze to the device and thus to the information.

We use WESUAL CREATE for the presentations, a software with auto time control. This presets how long a new product is visible for. So you do not have to worry about updating things anymore and can plan months ahead. This way, we save a lot of time and costs in our work. Another example: all those printed posters are now a thing of the past thanks to the digital billboard. I am now spared the cumbersome task of having to hang up and take down the posters.

In addition, we boost our additional sales with digital promotion: customers always watch the digital billboard when by the till, as this is where they wait to pay. We show current awards and offers here. Then what happens is people think, “Wait, the wine is on promotion? Give me another six bottles.” Or when an award-winning wine is showcased, people become curious, want to taste it, and usually buy it immediately.”

Deployment areas and applications

  • Digital product presentation & promotion of offers
  • Interactive promotional content
  • Time-controlled presentation of offers
  • Video presentation
  • Efficient increase in additional sales through promotion directly at the POS
  • Digital promotional display
  • Digital chalk boards and posters
  • Links to Facebook

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Products used

Digital Billboard



Change any display into your perfect promotional medium.

Digital Billboard



Your eye-catching customer stopper and information board for all areas of application.

Interactive rollable touch-screen station for guest information