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The team behind WESUAL

Marvin Laimer
Managing shareholder

Jonas Untermoser
Project manager & co-founder

Arnold Konrad
Development manager & co-founder

Denis Matic
Project management

Georg KOnrad

Kerstin Wrba

Milena Spiegel

About us and our philosophy

Design and digital communication are close to our hearts: both things have to be simple to implement and fool-proof, and the content should not only be visually impressive but should also leave a lasting impression.

The foundation stone for WESUAL was laid in 2011 by our then young software development team with the programming of various e-learning programs. Our current managing director, Marvin Laimer, himself a restaurateur with two businesses by the Wolfgangsee, always dreamed of an innovative digital display window to get more visibility for his specialities. Appealing and moving advertising content should attract passers-by and encourage them to stop by. Creating and updating such content should be able to be done in-house and should be quick, and the results have to leave a lasting impression.

With this exciting perspective, the wesolutions team and the experienced restaurateur joined forces to jointly develop WESUAL: a tool to efficiently promote sales, improve customer communication and optimise processes effectively. Specially designed for restaurateurs and hoteliers, it helps save the most important thing: valuable time. With its intuitive handling and smart features, WESUAL not only lets its customers shine, but is also really fun.

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