Food trade

Doping for sales

by means of catchy customer stoppers and professional product photos

A delicious product picture says more than 1,000 words and can stimulate an impulse purchase virtually all by itself. Increase your customers’ desire to buy through attractive and targeted product visualisation with the aid of our promotional displays and high-quality product photographs.

  • Efficient promotion of daily offers and promotional products
  • Increase turnover through targeted and automated promotional messages at selected times of the day
  • Digital information displays in your business promote current offers and specialities efficiently
  • Relief for your specialist vendors: displays provide targeted incentives to buy and provide information in advance
  • Digital product offers are more cost-effective & time-saving than printed ones and can be directly updated in real time and wirelessly on all display devices
  • As easy as pie to create professional product images with the help of WESUAL CLICK

Your options

  • High-quality product photographs that you can produce yourself in-house
  • Innovative information platforms in highly frequented places: static or interactive
  • Effective customer stoppers to stimulate impulse purchases
  • Efficient sales promotion
  • Digital shelf extenders
  • Countless design templates for lightning-fast content creation
  • Update offers very easily and at lightning speed
  • Smart display window design
  • Save effort and time through extremely simple handling

Customer examples:

Using the supplied and freely editable design templates, you can create attractive advertising content yourself in no time.

Customer projects

Meat trade

Butcher Moßhammer GmbH

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Bakeries & bistros

Franziskaner Bäckerei – The Franciscan bakery

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Customer product images produced using WESUAL CLICK