Franziskaner Bakery

Judith Pfitscher, Geschäftsführerin Franziskaner Bäckerei Bozen, Italien
JUDITH PFITSCHER / Owner Franziskaner Backery at Bozen, South Tyrol (I)

“We use the fully automatic WESUAL CLICK photographic studio and the digital chalkboard in our salesroom and bistro. Waiting customers are informed about products and new offerings and, for passers-by, the board acts as a customer stopper.

What we have been most enthusiastic about when using the WESUAL system is how uncomplicated and easy it is to use and how many design options and design templates there are. These help to achieve impressive results even without any prior knowledge of graphic design. Another important aspect for us was the rapid and unproblematic transmission to the terminal, which works splendidly with WESUAL and is lightning-fast thanks to the central administration and wireless networking.”

Deployment areas and applications

  • Digital product presentation & promotions of offers
  • Effective presentation of wide-ranging information to shorten waiting times
  • Time-controlled presentation of offers
  • Video presentation
  • In-house production of authentic product photographs for promotions, daily recommendations, etc.
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital chalk boards and posters
  • Links to Facebook
Promotion Produkt des Tages: Inhalt erstellt mit WESUAL CREATE

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