Moßhammer Butchers

JOSEF MOSSHAMMER / Owner of the Butchery Moßhammer Gmbh at Graz, Styria (AT)

“We not only offer high-quality meat products but also a fresh lunch buffet every day. Looking after both the counter and luncheon customers simultaneously often left little time for detailed guidance on products. New product launches were also often problematic at our very full counter. New products, such as our quiche or seasonal dumplings, were simply not noticed at the counter.

Ever since we presented the quiche on the digital chalkboard, demand and sales have risen enormously. Thanks to this efficient focus on the products, we can now systematically and optimally manage our sales. Digital display is an integral part of our way of promoting sales and providing information to customers, as it offers many more options and is much faster to deal with than traditional presentation using boring posters.”

Deployment areas and applications

  • Digital product presentation & promotion of offers
  • Effective presentation of wide-ranging information to shorten waiting times
  • Time-controlled presentation of offers
  • Video presentation
  • In-house production of authentic product photographs for promotions, daily recommendations, etc.
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital chalk boards and posters
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Find out more about the Moßhammer Butchers project, including an interview with the owner and further images:

Products used

Digital chalkboard



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Digital chalkboard



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